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OpenView Smart Plug-In for ASAP allows you to optionally share ASAP object state info with HP OpenView.

HP OpenView SPI for ASAP allows you to monitor NonStop systems, subsystems, applications, and third party entities from HP OpenView (as shown on the right). 

The OpenView Smart Plug-In for ASAP is included with ASAP for no additional charge.  It optionally provides the following features but does not  require OpenView for you to use or deploy ASAP.  Thus ASAP can be used with/without OpenView.

  • ASAP object-state information optionally integrated with HP OpenView screens.

  • ASAP alerts optionally appear in OpenView:

  • Availability state info.

  • Performance state info.

  • Service-Level objective states.

  • Allows OpenView monitoring of ASAP:

  • System objects such as:
         Cpu, Disk, Expand, Comm, Node,
         System, Tape, and more... 

  • Subsystem domains such as:
         File, Busy, Process, Remote DB,
         RDF, Spooler, TMF, and more...

  • Application domains such as:
         ATMs, Funds,  Accounts, 
         Customers, Orders, and more...

  • Third party entities such as
         ServerNet, SQL, Base24, and more...

  • Application domains and objects monitored via the ASAP Extension (ASAPX) are also reported to OpenView automatically.  No additional work is necessary to enable this.

  • Application objects appear in OpenView the same way as other ASAP objects, and can be viewed the same as any ASAP objects including hierarchical drill down.

  • OpenView messages are logged for all ASAP objects that change state.  OpenView filtering, forwarding, and reporting tools can be used to notify operations personnel of outages, initiate recovery actions, etc.

  • ASAP-generated messages and alerts are also available via the OpenView Web interface. This allows operations personnel to obtain ASAP info from a web browser.

  • Inclusion of ASAP data in OpenView makes heterogeneous system management possible; all HP platforms such as NonStop, Unix, and Windows can be managed from a single console.  

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