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The examples below illustrate
how ASAP 3D availability vectors and state icons show normalized color-coded availability stats and performance information.

Examples - Mouse over text below or in tree
for an explanation of various ASAP features.

ATM critical icon shows Chicago Loop ATM machine is low on cash, $150 left. You can add more custom application entities via ASAPX API.

Cpu down icon shows Chicago Cpu 00 is down. Color-coded state information is also propagated to tree, graph and grid views.

Disk high utilization icon indicates that disk volume $Data1 is 87% full.

Expand warning icon indicates that Expand line handler $LHNY is trying to connect.

File down icon indicates that file \Chicago.$Data.Account.DB is missing.

Process high use icon indicates that process \Chicago.$ACS1 has a receive Q of 8.

ProcessBusy high use  icon indicates that the query process $QP is 73% busy.

RDF warning icon indicates that the RDF Updater process $UP01 is 120 seconds behind.

Spooler warning icon indicates that the Spooler Collector is 93% full.

Tape critical icon indicates that tape $TAPE0 has been waiting on a mount for 17 minutes.

TMF high use icon indicates a transaction has been outstanding for 345 seconds.

OEM view provides a sorted list of alerts prioritized from highest to lowest alert levels. Includes Enterprise Management interfaces.

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