NonStop ASAP Interfaces

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ASAP interfaces

ASAP includes an unusually wide-range of subsystem-interfaces as shown in the list below.   Interfaces range from standard alerting by way of the NonStop Event Management Subsystem (EMS) to interfaces that utilize HTML Email, Wireless Phones, pagers, or enterprise management framework interfaces such as HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM) or HP OpenView Operations (OVO).  Also included are interfaces to ASAP's automated GOALs and ACTIONs engine which automatically corrects system problems. ASAP also provides a wide range of graphical user interfaces, including thin-client interfaces built into the product beginning with ASAP 3.0.  Also beginning with ASAP 3.0 ASAP provides built-in HTML reports with the ability to independently host local/remote web sites, including optional integration with HP System Insight Manager.




























































































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