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NonStop ASAP  
This is a technical portal for HPE NonStop Availability Stats And Performance (ASAP).

HP NonStop ASAP software provides monitoring infrastructure and automated recovery actions for applications, subsystems, utilities, and hardware on HPE NonStop Servers.

ASAP provides the following features:

  • Fully Fault-tolerant infrastructure.

  • Engineered for HP NonStop Servers

  • Alerts/Reports via email, phone, pager.

  • Automated corrective actions based
    on user defined service-level goals.

  • Normalized state model combines:

  • Availability state info:
         Up, Down, Warning, Critical.

  • Performance state info:
         Low, Medium, High, Critical.

  • Service-Level objective states:
         upper/lower bound thresholds.

  • Infrastructure allows monitoring of:

  • System objects such as:
         Cpu, Disk, Expand, Comm, Node,
         System, Tape, and more... 

  • Subsystem domains such as:
         File, Busy, Process, Remote DB,
         RDF, Spooler, TMF, and more...

  • Application domains such as:
         ATMs, Funds,  Accounts, 
         Customers, Orders, and more...

  • ASAP components are fault-tolerant, including Monitor/Collect process-pairs, and fault tolerant relational database.

  • Historical database maintains history 
    of both availability and performance.

  • Service-Level Objectives are stored 
    in fault-tolerant, audited database.

  • Components automatically restart 
    and reconfigure, when processors
    go up/down, or are installed.

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ASAP 3.2 Available

New Cpu, Process, ProcessBusy attributes provide support for NonStop Blades J-series OS.

New Cluster I/O monitoring of CIP CLIM, Monitor, and Provider component statistics.

New TCP and Telserv entities for in-depth monitoring of TCP/IP now included in core product:
- 19 TCP/IP entities
- 1000 new attributes 

New SWAP KMSF entity statistics add total of 49 new swap/file attributes.

New Cpu entity memory attributes provide 6 new state pairs on memory.

New Asap Live Website interface provides live real-time web reports on ASAP statistics.

New Custom Website support allows ASAP to host one or more real-time local/proxy websites.

New HP SIM support allows ASAP to optionally integrate with HP Systems Insight Manager.

New Notify Interface provides rich icons/graphs in HTML content for email, phone, website reporting.

New Notify Content control panel adds 15 new notify content controls.

New Interactive Reports provide single cross entity reports in a single mouse click or automatically via Notify interface.

New ASAP Database  structures provide high performance for large record high-volume entities


ASAP provides a wide-range of human and programmatic interfaces which include:

  • Event Management EMS interfaces - ASAP alerts you about 1000s of system/application data points

  • Provider API interfaces - programs can "provide" data to ASAP infrastructure

  • Consumer API interfaces - programs can "consume" ASAP data either on servers or clients

  • Email interfaces - alerts and reports can be sent on state-change, or at specified times of the day

  • Phone interfaces - alerts and reports can be sent to your wireless phone

  • Pager interfaces - alerts and reports can be sent to your wireless pager

  • HTML interfaces - color-encoded reports can be displayed in rich HTML format

  • Application plug-ins - ASAP infrastructure can easily be extended to applications

  • Published Database - has latest schema for all stats

  • Query interfaces - all data can be accessed via third normal form stats database

  • Enform Interfaces - all data can be queried via third normal form stats database

  • Conversational interfaces - standard conversational access to all entities

  • Graphical User interfaces - rich graphical user interface access to all entites

  • EMF interfaces - provides full range of Enterprise Management Framework interfaces

  • OpenView interface - ASAP Smart-Plug-In for OpenView Operations included in base product

  • WebVpt interface - ASAP Plug-in for Web Viewpoint provides access to ASAP data from WebVpt

  • Linux interface - ASAP Application API is extended to Linux applications.

  • SIM interface - HP Systems Insight Manager interfaces included in ASAP core base product

  • XML interface - ASAP includes a full context ActiveX XML interface

  • Website interfaces - Beginning with ASAP 3.0 ASAP includes local/remote website interfaces

Website and SIM Interfaces
New optional website and HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM) interfaces allow you to access all your ASAP objects, availability, state, stats, performance, and alert info from one or more standalone Websites or via SIM.  ASAP website content is extremely customizable and includes a new high-performance website content control panel interface for extreme customization of ASAP statistics. Note that SIM is not required to use or deploy ASAP.

OpenView Interface  
A new optional ASAP OpenView interface allows you to view all your ASAP objects, availability, state, stats, performance and alert info from HP OpenView.  Also included, a web interface for ASAP statistics. Note that OpenView is not required to use or deploy ASAP.

ASAP Object-state sharing 
ASAP includes patented technology that allows sharing of object-state information. This includes the ability to share info with Enterprise Management Frameworks (EMFs).  Over the years various software products have been developed to monitor computer systems, networks, and processes.  As scale and complexity increase it becomes increasingly important to be able share availability stats and performance info with various subsystems and enterprise management frameworks. Object-state sharing is important because the growth in size and complexity of today's computer networks has made inter-operative availability monitoring an increasingly important function. 

The patented technology inside ASAP was invented based on the recognition that there is a need to allow sharing of availability information about critical enterprise resources such as computer Applications, Cpus, Communication lines, Disks, Files, Processes, etc, ... so that these objects can be remotely monitored by a wide-variety of mechanisms.   As a result of sharing technology embedded in ASAP, Nonstop server availability, stats, performance, and service-level objectives can now also be shared via email, wireless phones, pagers, browsers, or enterprise management frameworks such as HP OpenView.

User Contributions  
Thanks to enthusiastic ASAP users a Contributions page has been created. This page provides downloads of various tools, wrappers, etc... including how to interface to ASAPX using Java Native Interface (JNI), how to interface to MQ-series, Pathway, etc, ... as well as other contributions. For details select the User Contributions link above.

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